Buy One, Give One

What is the Buy One, Give One Program?

Charm City Babies developed a unique philanthropic Buy One, Give One Program.  It is a global campaign dedicated to offering a new Charm City Babies shirt to a child in need for every one we sell off our online store.

How does it work?

Charm City Babies works with a variety of charities, NICUs, hospitals and youth organizations that are in need of clothing for their newborns. At the end of every month, Charm City Babies takes the total number of shirts sold from our online store and delivers them to a certain center we have partnered with. We are always looking for more partners, so please let us know if you work with a hospital or children’s center. Email us below.

What Do We Hope To Accomplish?

We believe in making goals that will have an impact. We did not develop our Buy One, Give One Program to settle for making only a subtle change. We want to do something so totally different that others will follow in our footsteps.  Children are born every day without sufficient clothing and we work to fight that issue. This is a mission Charm City Babies works on daily to achieve.


Scott Smith

Richie Frieman